Robert McWilliams Certified Advanced Rolfer™ wins “Best of Boulder” Award

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rolfing in Boulder, LLC Receives 2015 Best of Boulder Award Boulder Award Program Honors the Achievement BOULDER August 12, 2015 — Rolfing in Boulder, LLC, Robert McWilliams Certified Advanced Rolfer™ and Rolf Movement® Practitioner has been selected for the 2015 Best of Boulder Award in the Alternative Medicine category by […]

Why Should I See A Rolfer™; Why I Should Consider Robert

When you feel tired… -of being in chronic pain, like plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, low back pain -of feeling like your body is “older” than it should be, with neck tension, tight shoulders, tight back, tight hips, tight ankles and more -when everyday movements feel more clumsy and difficult than previously, and you just want […]

infinity symbol is in our inner and outer relationships

I just took a wonderful workshop with Ron Murray, Advanced Rolfer, Osteopath, and Berry Method teacher. We explored the relationships in the ankle, knee and thigh between very mobile and less mobile but pivotal areas. These are termed lemniscate relationships. A lemniscate is a figure 8 and infinity symbol, and as such in the body […]

A Recent Session

These posts are written for a diverse audience: potential Rolfing® clients who are trying to get a feel for what the work is like, and if it’s for them, as well as newer Rolfers™ looking for ideas for session work, and possibly even more experienced practitioners comparing notes and looking to get new ideas or […]

Rolfing for Hairstylists

I work with a couple of hair stylists and theirs is a particularly challenging profession when it comes to neck and shoulder pain. Their arms are constantly raised to work with the client’s hair. I asked a client today to show me how they work with a client while cutting hair. She stood with her […]

Bad knee? Take heed

I’ve been working lately with a string of people with really bad knee issues, ranging from recent injuries to chronic issues starting as early as at five years old. It’s amazing what hands-on work ranging from but not limited to normalizing motion of feet, ankles, leg including shin and calf muscle fascia, interosseous movement between […]

Some of what goes through a Rolfer™’s mind

Working with a client today with back and rib pain, and a lot of scoliosis. We started ‘the big project’ today of unraveling things from the ground up. For someone with a lot of scoliosis, this means ( for me) working on a particular restricted pathway or joint in the legs, then having them stand […]

Everyday Magic

Small epiphany: magic is available to us every day, in the everyday; a lot of this has to do with how available we make ourselves to experience and to others, and to our own bodies. Frans deWaal, in his “The Bonobo and the Atheist” show how what we think of as essentially and solely human […]

A Rolfer Looks At A Collapsing Building

When I was up in Fort Collins recently ( to receive a Rolfing® session from Tim Schafer) I had some time to sit outside in glorious (for mid-winter) sunshine across from a Macy’s in the process of being demolished. It was a great opportunity to contemplate a structure in disarray, still standing, even though all […]

A Breath-giving Dance

I made a breathtaking ( okay, maybe more ‘breath giving’) discovery today. I got a wonderful Rolfing® session a week ago today (Monday) from a friend and colleague Tim Shafer in Fort Collins CO last week. Even though since that time I have been very stressed by traveling, work, relationship questions, managing my own business, […]