A Rolfer™ Heals His Own Tennis Elbow With Combined Tissue Treatment and Exercise, Then Brings That Information Into Sessions With Clients

This is the home made fitness device using a dowel rod, a length of rope and a weight.

My own tennis elbow condition got so bad in 2012 that I could not pour milk from a gallon container without a lot of pain. I had learned some new Rolfing® techniques and in my eagerness I lost good coordination, self-awareness and self-care. I also learned that, like for me, it is common for such […]

Hip Positioning In Re Pain, Stiffness, & Strength

The subject of this brief article could be summed up as: for the hip joint to work well in all directions, as in flexion, extension, rotation, circumduction, anteversion and more, it has to be positioned well (as in Rolfing® Structural Integration goals), and it also needs balanced tone. Otherwise, your body will not feel able […]

What Does “Integration” Feel Like?

Smiles happen! Things work better. You feel connected yet able to move parts of your body independently. It feels like the brakes have been taken off of your wagon. You have more energy. You can feel more focused and centered inside while doing movement, large and small, and more at ease in stillness. Your balance […]

In difficult times, we need support.

In these times, we need Support. Not soothing evasion or more unreality… Support-to the unconscious basis of perception, the body- and empowerment, to be able to act with compassion and consciousness in the world. Rolfing® Structural Integration and Rolf Movement® work are dedicated to the goals of healing, empowerment and integration-not just relaxation.

Rolfing® Structural Integration Feels Good!

One of the most surprising things for clients on the table: “this feels amazing!” When your body opens up, you feel pleasure! This rush of pleasure is like a reward to the nervous system, and is a big part of what makes the work ‘sustainable’. Why? I am not %100 sure, but I have ideas […]