Some of what goes through a Rolfer™’s mind

Working with a client today with back and rib pain, and a lot of scoliosis. We started ‘the big project’ today of unraveling things from the ground up. For someone with a lot of scoliosis, this means ( for me) working on a particular restricted pathway or joint in the legs, then having them stand […]

Everyday Magic

Small epiphany: magic is available to us every day, in the everyday; a lot of this has to do with how available we make ourselves to experience and to others, and to our own bodies. Frans deWaal, in his “The Bonobo and the Atheist” show how what we think of as essentially and solely human […]

A Rolfer Looks At A Collapsing Building

When I was up in Fort Collins recently ( to receive a Rolfing® session from Tim Schafer) I had some time to sit outside in glorious (for mid-winter) sunshine across from a Macy’s in the process of being demolished. It was a great opportunity to contemplate a structure in disarray, still standing, even though all […]

A Breath-giving Dance

I made a breathtaking ( okay, maybe more ‘breath giving’) discovery today. I got a wonderful Rolfing® session a week ago today (Monday) from a friend and colleague Tim Shafer in Fort Collins CO last week. Even though since that time I have been very stressed by traveling, work, relationship questions, managing my own business, […]

Side route to dysfunction

When I get up in the morning in Oklahoma City ( I am working there now through December 7) I need to unlock a side door that is not hooked in to the building alarm system, walk around the outside of the building and come in the front door, so that I may walk directly […]

Baby You Can Drive My Car

When you drive, do you automatically have a sense of things like the car’s speed, stopping distance, turning radius on the particular road surface, of the particular power curve of this car’s engine? You can almost sense the car as an extension of your own body, probably, ranging from the ability to do this of […]

Meditation and Emotions

Sitting in meditation again today, on a piano stool that is padded and about an inch and half higher than my knees, allowing my hip joints to breathe and stay relaxed. Breathing through the soles of my feet, backs of knees, pelvic floor, respiratory diaphragm, that/thoracic outlet, floor of mouth, roof of brain ( in […]

What is Normal?

Normative; average; optimal; fantastic!! So so. Boring. Pleasurable. Painful. Ordinary. Bland. Special? Unique? Finely tuned awareness. Blunted sensation. Strong. Weak. Sad. Happy. Angry. Warm. Spacious. Open.   What of the above describes your sense of “normal?” The Germans and French use this word very often as a way to discuss what one can expect in […]

Sometimes You’ve Got To Take Your Own Advice!

Sometimes I just have to take my own advice! Believe it or not, this does not always happen. I’ve been nursing a very sore area right in front of my right heel, even self-treating it with dermaneuromodulation techniques (fantastic pain relief to treat inflamed and tethered nerves through gentle traction on the skin). The pain […]

Our earliest rhythms

In a recent class with Osteopath Ron Murray, we were taught that the initial rhythms an embryo is exposed to are the beating of its own tiny heart going pitter pat very fast, contrasted to the mother’s relatively much slower heart beat. The embryological movements are of an enveloping of the arms around the developing […]