What is Normal?

Normative; average; optimal; fantastic!! So so. Boring. Pleasurable. Painful. Ordinary. Bland. Special? Unique? Finely tuned awareness. Blunted sensation. Strong. Weak. Sad. Happy. Angry. Warm. Spacious. Open.   What of the above describes your sense of “normal?” The Germans and French use this word very often as a way to discuss what one can expect in […]

Sometimes You’ve Got To Take Your Own Advice!

Sometimes I just have to take my own advice! Believe it or not, this does not always happen. I’ve been nursing a very sore area right in front of my right heel, even self-treating it with dermaneuromodulation techniques (fantastic pain relief to treat inflamed and tethered nerves through gentle traction on the skin). The pain […]

Our earliest rhythms

In a recent class with Osteopath Ron Murray, we were taught that the initial rhythms an embryo is exposed to are the beating of its own tiny heart going pitter pat very fast, contrasted to the mother’s relatively much slower heart beat. The embryological movements are of an enveloping of the arms around the developing […]

Ballet Can Move from a Grounded Sense

Check this out: ballet can move from a grounded sense For me, as a dancer, teacher, choreographer and Rolfer™, what’s key here is the strength and ease of movement out from the center of the pelvis of both dancers. Because of their individual commitments to that, too, they are able to flow into a common […]

Foot Pain Eased By Learning How to Move From The Whole Body

I’m working on an article in my mind and several times daily practice: relieving sore feet by allowing movement through them. One common kind of foot pain emanates from the instep on the inside edge of the foot, close to the heel. In anatomical terms, the flexor hallucis longus, brevis and tibialis posterior tendons there […]

Look versus Function for Pro-Athletes

How much emphasis on tight abs restricts a athlete’s ease of movement. Would Michael Jordan have had such a tense abdomen as recently featured in a pic of Dwayne Wade? (There’s no need to talk about Larry Bird, or Magic Johnson.) Is there a disconnect between the look and true functionality here? We’ll see. It […]

Posture, Meditation: let the arms float

If I sit meditation on a very low wood platform ( maybe 4 inches off ground) with palms up on my thighs, I can enjoy breathing through the back of my armpits and sides of my ribs. Palms are up up to avoid the reflexive down-pushing that results when the palms are down. This is […]

A Rolfer™ Heals His Own Tennis Elbow With Combined Tissue Treatment and Exercise, Then Brings That Information Into Sessions With Clients

This is the home made fitness device using a dowel rod, a length of rope and a weight.

My own tennis elbow condition got so bad in 2012 that I could not pour milk from a gallon container without a lot of pain. I had learned some new Rolfing® techniques and in my eagerness I lost good coordination, self-awareness and self-care. I also learned that, like for me, it is common for such […]

Hip Positioning In Re Pain, Stiffness, & Strength

The subject of this brief article could be summed up as: for the hip joint to work well in all directions, as in flexion, extension, rotation, circumduction, anteversion and more, it has to be positioned well (as in Rolfing® Structural Integration goals), and it also needs balanced tone. Otherwise, your body will not feel able […]