Rolfing In Boulder, Colorado

rolflogoRolfing® Structural Integration is a powerful system of deep-tissue bodywork that will help align your muscles and bones to allow for easy, efficient, more powerful motion. It can also help ease chronic pain and rehabilitate injury.

Rolfing sessions can release years worth of accumulated physical tension and stress. Many people report feeling deeply refreshed and even transformed after my Rolfing sessions.

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Call me at (303) 887-6764 or send an email to and get ready to experience high-quality Rolfing in Boulder, Colorado. Your body will thank you for it! I have a studio location in central Boulder, CO (see map). I also travel out of state to help clients in Oklahoma, at 12401 North May Oklahoma City,OK 73120 at Chiropractic Wellness (see map). My Oklahoma number is (405) 396-6296.

What Is Rolfing?


rolfing-before-afterMy passion for movement and art led me long ago to become a Certified Rolfer™. It transformed my dancing, greatly increasing my level of athletic performance through improved alignment, coordination, flexibility and muscle balance. Over time, this increased body awareness also led to a greater expressive power and sense of relaxation, both onstage and in my daily life.

I am a certified Boulder Rolfer trained at the The Rolf Institute® in Boulder, Colorado. I am now a Certified Advanced Rolfer™, as well as a Certified Rolf Movement® Practitioner, which allows me to offer subtle coordinative and perceptual treatments to help people integrate and sustain the benefits of the hands-on work that much better.

I also offer Visceral Manipulation, gentle techniques to help ease restrictions in the internal organs and unwind trauma, especially good for whiplash and accidents, and Sourcepoint Therapy, an energy healing modality.

I have advanced training and years of supervised practice, and my passion is to provide my clients with the very best possible experience of Rolfing in Boulder. Let me bring the benefits of my experience to you!

Does Rolfing Hurt?

Rob explains how he and clients work with (and through!) discomfort in a Rolfing session.


Boulder Rolfer & Bodyworker

Rolfing helps you find an increased sense of support from the ground up through your body. Lack of this kind of support, in gravity, is the cause of most chronic pain. We learn to compensate and mold ourselves around old physical injuries and emotional holding patterns. A Boulder Rolfer will help you put your muscles and bones where you want them to be to allow for easy, efficient, more powerful

experience_rolfingThe increased support gained from Rolfing gives you better resilience to new injuries, problems and insults that come your way. Many people find a deep sense of renewal and transformation from this work, physically, emotionally and spiritually. A good Boulder Rolfer can help you uncover new strengths and resources in your self, and helps you feel more energy for work, play, relationships and self-development.

Rolfing And Shoulder Pain

Rob helps a client with a shoulder injury


rolfinginboulder_logoMy Boulder Rolfing® sessions last between one hour and ninety minutes. I offer discounts to those who book a full series (usually 10 but sometimes up to 15 sessions.) Clinical experience shows that some individuals may need more than ten sessions to accomplish the goals of a complete Rolfing® series, and I am happy to extend the discounted session rate until the series is complete.

Call me at (303) 887-6764 (in Colorado), or (405) 396-6296 (in Oklahoma) or send an email to and get ready to experience the best.

Your body will thank you for it!