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About Rob McWilliams –

Certified Advanced Rolfer & Certified Rolf Movement® Practitioner

I have decades of training in Structural Integration, Advanced Rolfing and continuing education in osteopathic techniques. My manual therapy also draws on decades of movement experience as a professional dancer. It combines Rolfing®, a powerfully effective system of deep-tissue work, with my own brand of exercise therapy, cranial sacral, peripheral nerve, muscle, ligament and visceral manipulation treatments.

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About Rob McWilliams

I began my practice as a Certified Rolfing® Practitioner trained at The Rolf Institute® in Boulder, Colorado. I am a Certified Advanced Rolfer™, as well as a Certified Rolf Movement® Practitioner, which allows me to offer subtle coordinative and perceptual treatments to help people integrate and sustain the benefits of the hands-on work that much better.

I also offer Visceral Manipulation, gentle techniques to help ease restrictions in the internal organs and unwind trauma, especially good for whiplash and accidents, and peripheral nerve release therapy to ease pain and re-activate muscles.

Rob McWilliams advanced Rolfer in Boulder, co

Here I am performing to “Take Five” by Dave Brubeck (see Dave at piano with Bill Smith on clarinet) in “Five Brubeck Pieces” at City Center Theater in New York City; choreographed by Murray Louis for the Murray Louis Dance Company (MLDC.) We toured with Dave and quartet for 5+years all over the world.”

My entire career has been devoted to movement and physical finesse; I have a BFA and MFA in dance and 25 years of experience as professional dancer and professor of modern dance and ballet.

After college, I went to New York City to work as a professional Modern Dancer. My first gig was for a decade with the Murray Louis Dance Company, where I had the opportunity to tour with Dave Brubeck and his Jazz Quartet for five years. I continued performing, teaching, choreographing and acting for another 15 years  throughout the US, Europe and Asia.

My passion for movement and art led me to Rolfing. It transformed my dancing, increasing athletic performance alignment, coordination, flexibility, balance of muscle-tone, expressive power and overall sense of relaxation, both onstage and in my daily life. Now, Rolfing is also a passion for me. I love the problem solving, the multi-level approach to movement facilitation and wellness, the dance of practitioner and client.

“Each client is a unique dance, a unique event in space and time, with a unique set of experiences and body stories to live and tell!”

What People Say About Rob.

Robert is an extraordinarily talented bodyworker – strong, graceful and intuitive. His Rolfing is powerful and it has a long-lasting effect. It feels like years worth of stress and tension have been evaporated, and my body has become younger and more limber. I can honestly say I've haven't felt this good in years!

– Brett Borders, Denver Copywriter

I am feeling wonderful since our last session, my body feels so free. I have been dancing a lot more... Rob creatively wove his body awareness gained through his years as a dancer into our Rolfing sessions."

– Deb Matlock, Founder of Wild Rhythms