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Rolfing® In Boulder and Longmont, Colorado

Caring, effective treatments based on intuitive as well as educated means with sustainable results: Rolfing for mobility, nerve work for easing pain, joint and internal organ release to free feet, ankles, knees, hips, pelvis, low back, ribs, neck and cranium, and in-depth movement work.

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What is Rolfing?

 “Fascia is the organ of form.”
– Dr. Ida Rolf

Fascia is a kind of connective tissue that contains the muscles and allows them to work. A Rolfer works with the fascias, superficial and deep, to ease pain and improve mobility. This is done in a gradual sequence designed so that improvements will hold. Basic Rolfing is done in a set ten-session series.

Rob McWilliams advanced Rolfer in Boulder, co

How is advanced Rolfing different?

Where other approaches may have felt incomplete, or another practitioner used set protocol, I design a unique sequence to suit your body’s needs, addressing your body’s discomfort and pain in a graduated sequence of treatments designed to create sustainable improvement. This can often be done in fewer sessions.

“It hurts where it ain’t. “ – Dr. Ida Rolf

Meaning that a restriction in one area causes the strain and discomfort to show up in a different location within the body. With my Advanced Rolfing methods, including osteopathic training, I seek to resolve the original cause of pain while improving general relaxation, mobility, coordination, stability, and strength with each of my clients.

How Rob McWilliams and his advanced Rolfing help me

How Can Rolfing Help You?

Rolfing sessions can release years’ worth of accumulated physical tension and stress. Many people report feeling deeply refreshed and even transformed after my Rolfing sessions. You will eliminate or greatly ease the cause of your pain and stiffness sustainably. By being better aligned and more relaxed, you’ll improve your awareness of your own body. Click below to see if my treatments can address your issues.

About Rob.

My manual therapy draws on decades of body wisdom as a 25-year professional dancer. It combines Rolfing® Structural Integration, a powerfully effective system of deep-tissue work, with my own brand of exercise therapy, cranial sacral, peripheral nerve, muscle, ligament and visceral manipulation treatments. Clients report (see testimonials) that my sessions are virtually pain free. They will help align your muscles and bones to allow for easy, efficient, more powerful motion that helps with chronic pain. The sessions enhance athletic potential and correct the cause of pain in gentle, graduated-pressure contacts, and simple movement strategies. Come to me to help ease chronic pain, correct its cause and rehabilitate injury ranging from nerve pain, sciatic pain, hip and pelvic pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, foot pain and whiplash.

About Rob McWilliams

“Robert McWilliams is an amazingly skilled, compassionate and excellent Master Rolfer. Rolfing not only feels exquisitely good, it has freed me from chronic low back pain. What a relief!”


– Elizabeth P, – Airline Captain

Rolfing with Rob McWilliams can help

Services & Rates

Rolfing Structural Integration and related manual therapy – Hands-on treatments, primarily, focused on easing and aligning muscles, tendons, bones, freeing snagged nerves and joints. Enhances ease of motion and stillness. (Online movement Sessions available by appointment only, please contact me.)

New Rates as of January 1, 2024:

Single session (75 min):      
$160  Cash, Check, Zelle, or Venmo;
$165 credit card or PayPal
6 Session Pack:
$930  Cash, Check, Zelle, or Venmo;
$960 credit card or PayPal  
Please use up within 6 months of purchase.
12 Session Pack:
$1800 Cash, Check, Zelle or Venmo;
$1860 credit card or PayPal 
Please use up within 12 months of purchase.

Pack of 12 for Two People: Please use up within 6 Months of purchase, same prices.

*Note: $5 extra fee for credit card payment.

**The year term will be extended for a month or two in cases of serious hardship or illness.


Trusted by Thousands of Happy Clients

“Caring, extremely knowledgeable and experienced , listens well, organized time wise – i.e. never late, kind, compassionate compassionate compassionate. Deals very welll with women. non judgemental. i.e. accepting us as we are. I could write paragraphs about this as far as women are concerned. Thank you Rob for being who you are, and being genuine and authentic thru and thru.”

– Elizabeth W., Boulder, CO

“This man is an AWESOME bodyworker! Finally, after years of trying many other healing modalities, I have relief from chronic neck and back pain after doing Robert’s 10 sessions of Rolfing. As wonderful as that is, there have been other, unexpected benefits that are also life changing: areas of my body that didn’t communicate well with each other before are now developing a more efficient and fluid way of working together. Besides more range of motion and comfort, I feel more grounded. I also experience a clearer sense of my personal boundaries and an inner self-friendliness that is profound and hard to articulate.”

– Kai Hu – Well Being Alignment, Boulder, CO

Rob’s Certifications

BFA Dance SUNY Purchase
MFA in Dance NYU
Certified Rolfer
Certified Rolf Movement Practitioner
Certified Advanced Rolfer
Cranial Sacral training
Visceral Manipulation training
Source Point energy healing training

Ongoing Continued Education:
Osteopathic approaches to peripheral nerve work
Special Ankle, knee, hip trainings
Osteopathic approaches to releasing Rib, thoracic area and diaphragm
Osteopathic approaches to releasing pelvis and lumbar
Osteopathic approaches to releasing thoracic inlet, neck and cranial base
Advanced training in Osteopathic approaches to cranial work

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What People Say About Rob.

Y.R. - Boulder, CO

Thank you very much for getting me back on the road to recovery.  I’ve tried, reiki, physical therapy, acupuncture and a host of other healing modalities.  Nothing works better than Rolfing.  I woke up this morning and the tingling I felt is virtually gone. You are a miracle worker. I only wish I did this sooner.  I had this injury since May, if I came to you sooner It wold have been fixed way before July.

I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done!

Elizabeth W., Boulder, CO

Caring, extremely knowledgeable and experienced , listens well, organized time wise – i.e. never late, kind, compassionate compassionate compassionate. Deals very  welll with women. non judgemental. i.e. accepting us as we are.  I could write paragraphs about this as far as women are concerned. Thank you Rob for being who you are, and being genuine and authentic thru and thru

Chad R. - Boulder, CO

Rob is a consummate healing professional; he elevates somatic therapy to an art. He is patient, welcoming, caring, intelligent, intuitive, strong but gentle, and well-informed and adept at his work. Utilizing a variety a sense modalities,  attunes to his clients, seeing and hearing them in ways they cannot do so themselves. Rob’s awareness of his clients’ somatic situation is acute and contagious; you will find your awareness, following his lead, penetrating parts of yourself you didn’t know existed. And you will come out of the experience a more complete and integrated human being.

Tina W. - Broomfield CO

I highly recommend Rob if you are looking to treat and most importantly fix chronic pain. I have had chronic lower back pain for 5 years and have tried every treatment available (except surgery), and nothing has worked. After three sessions with Rob, I am already feeling more mobility, less pain, and my overall alignment has improve significantly. My quality of life has improved drastically. Rob’s knowledge of the body and how everything works together, and his ability to recognize the root cause of your pain, is amazing. I just wish I knew him years ago before I went through all the other standard treatments that doctors recommend/prescribe. Thanks so much Rob!

Elizabeth P. - Airline Captain

Robert McWilliams is an amazingly skilled, compassionate, and excellent Master Rolfer. Rolfing not only feels exquisitely good, it has freed me from chronic low back pain. What a relief . Another result of multiple sessions is that Robert has taught me to move more freely and efficiently. I cannot recommend Robert enough,because he has helped change my life.

Eileen H.

You quite literally unlocked something in my hip joint. After doing deep work something released that I didn’t fully understand. You said, “Let me move your leg in this direction.” I thought – OK, sure. As you started the movement again you repeated your words,”Let go and let ME move your leg through this whole range of movement.” I said, “I am.”
I most definitely was not. When I let go and let you move it I realized I was stopping the movement at the old sticking spot. On your third go, I finally let go and let you move me. The habitual sticking spot was gone. No pain caught me there and I didn’t have to “go around” that spot. It was profound to feel a habitual pattern at the body and joint level.
Now that we are working on releasing the entire pelvis and rib area, I can relate that moment to everything that happens on your table. I can relate it to my life in areas of my inner work and my spiritual work as well.

Charles M. - Boulder, CO

Yes I’m quite happy with the results so far. I am walking much better and I am getting relief with the groin pain that I thought I was going to have to have surgery on.

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