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In addition to the previous posts, I want to suggest the relative importance of balanced tone between the abductors and adductors attaching to the big toe/first metatarsal/phalangeal joint area. The adductor hallucis longus pulls the above mentioned joint in towards the mid-line of the foot, actively supporting the anterior arch of the foot( aka,for dancers, the metatarsal arch) while the abductor hallucis longus lifts the medial arch of the foot, spreading the big toe away from the mid-line. Dancers tend to overtrain the adductors as part of pointing the foot, in addition to rotational issues caused by turn-out and other hip/leg/ankle/foot misalignments.This unfortunately exacerbates the bunion pattern by bring the big toe in towards mid-line. Basically, dancers, the forefoot needs to be able to spread, not just contract into mid-line for the point!Rolfers can freely email me their pet treatments here! Mine are: address and differentiate the above structures; work the ligamentous/tendinous bed at the big toe/first metatarsal/philangeal joint area; call for abduction movements of the big toe ( tremendously hard to do, but worth the effort for them); work to counter-rotate and balance at first phalange/first metatarsal/tarsals/talus/malleoli/knee/hip/etc! Movement suggestions are listed in previous posts about feet and toes!.