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So you got out of shape. Okay..it’s time to get things moving again! You need to start with basics: balanced, released strength and flexibility. You don’t want to just tighten up some muscles without also easing them, which is what can happen from following a straight balletic regimen. Over the years, all that work in the hip muscles in the turned-out direction can really impact the health of your spine and lower back. A good way to keep in balance AND regain strength: mix together a ballet barre and a full yoga sequence. I prefer Ashtanga-style or a method that emphasizes Vinyasa, but that can be left up to you.Think of weaving the two sequences together like a braid. This is good for your brain, too! After a while, notice how nicely Sun Salutations connect with plies or how the sturdy Warrior pose can somehow balance the fluid strength of a Fondue. I prefer to alternate modalities, generally, but sometimes will get inspired to emphasize one over the other. Yoga can help you round and release those Lateral Rotators, and the balletic line can help to remind you to fully extend. Okay, so this brings up another thing: Yoga and Ballet both tend to emphasize extendedness. It’s a good idea, eventually, to balance this out with flexion. If you have some Modern Dance training, you’ll know what to do. If not, try to use some weighted qualities, deep spine, hip, knee and ankle flexion and rolling up through the spine, too. Personally, I have found that weight training can be helpful, too, to continuer to challenge your self. Once you feel confident that your ankles and knees can withstand the stresses of jumping again, that’s ideal.All the best!!