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Feet got you down, so that you can’t get up? Try a couple of simple moves:1. First thing in the morning, and last thing at night, massage and loosen your feet. A five minute investment of your time can help your whole day! There are a lot of complex systems of myofascial/joint release and reflex point stimulation. You don’t have to go there. Just take the time, work vigorously to get movement where it is stiff, and only massage gently where it hurts. Make up your own moves!!2. Take a tennis ball. Use the above advice re: gentle, where it hurts, vigorous, where it is stiff. Most of us benefit from deep pressure on the outer edge of the bottom of the foot. Anatomically speaking, I mean the area between the lateral tip of the calcaneus ( heel bone) and the 5th metatarsal ( the little bump on the outside of your foot, a little ways towards the toes from the heel.) This gets tight from wearing shoes that don’t move fully when we walk, and we lose the ability to coordinate our foot fully. Getting this released helps our walking a lot! Doing one or both of these everyday can really help ease your feet. Easing your feet helps you channel better support up through your body. This, in turn, will take strain off your back!Enjoy.