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Session One in the ten-session series sequence helps free all structures around the ribs, to help free up the breath, and to ease the tilt in the pelvis. Some unexpected benefits may come already from that first session, though. Freeing the shoulder girdle from the ribs can help to relieve tension at the top of the thorax, called the thoracic outlet ( see wikipedia here) . When this is impinged, it changes the pressure down through the whole thorax. Getting more openness here can re-balance this pressure. Work between the abdominal fascial layers can reach around and free the back, but also can open and energize the psoas muscles. This “session one” work can help to achieve the sensation of effortless lift through the whole body that is a hallmark of Rolfing® structural integration. This can also, in the case of a recent client, help to ease the pressure down into a prolapsed uterus, giving her some long-sought relief.

The point is that the encouragement of lift can help in many ways that you don’t anticipate. Following the natural principles in the body makes it more functional, at the external, full-body movement level, and also at the level of the organs and viscera. This can also ease long-standing pain and discomfort in delicate regions that don’t submit to “massage”. To get integration of this work so that it holds will take more work into the whole body, to anchor better support, fluidity, ability to adapt, and ability to reach or yield through all directions. The work is never perfect..but it is pretty darn good!