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I just took a wonderful workshop with Ron Murray, Advanced Rolfer, Osteopath, and Berry Method teacher. We explored the relationships in the ankle, knee and thigh between very mobile and less mobile but pivotal areas. These are termed lemniscate relationships. A lemniscate is a figure 8 and infinity symbol, and as such in the body describes a spirallic interrelationship of parts to each other and to the whole. When, in the body, the sacroiliac joint ( a much less mobile area) is out just a little bit, it has a major effect on the hip joint ( a much more mobile moment center). It can also be that the tissues that relate these elements can get stuck in a dysfunctional orientation ( like the fibers of the interosseous membrane of the leg after a sprained ankle). Focusing on these relationships is a way to resolve major muscle and orthopedic issues for clients.
It occurred to me that this way of looking at interdependent elements in a system, and how to identify fulcra for dysfunction and positive change could also apply to our emotional bodies, spiritual bodies, and how we relate to self and others generally. Food for thought, for me, and I believe that our body’s inner knowing responds to this by moving out of ‘stuckness’ in these primary relationships in our bodies and lives towards more freedom of choice and more awareness.