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How much emphasis on tight abs restricts a athlete’s ease of movement. Would Michael Jordan have had such a tense abdomen as recently featured in a pic of Dwayne Wade? (There’s no need to talk about Larry Bird, or Magic Johnson.) Is there a disconnect between the look and true functionality here? We’ll see. It was interesting to me that last year, when the a/c went out in San Antonio, it wasn’t the oldest and most supposedly out of shape players who went out of the game; it was the in-his-prime Lebron James who could not take the heat. The biggest engine was the least efficient and adaptable. Teamwork and intelligence probably helped the Spurs stay cool too! Food for thought. To me, it is tragic how many players fall to injury every year. Some of that is the playing schedule, but how many injuries could be avoided with a more kinesiologically -correct approach to training that adequately prepares, and regimens that help maintain responsiveness and coordination, not just muscle mass.