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Normative; average; optimal; fantastic!! So so. Boring. Pleasurable. Painful. Ordinary. Bland. Special? Unique? Finely tuned awareness. Blunted sensation. Strong. Weak. Sad. Happy. Angry. Warm. Spacious. Open.


What of the above describes your sense of “normal?” The Germans and French use this word very often as a way to discuss what one can expect in conventional manners, ethical behavior, government, restaurant fare and more. It has to do with social expectations; basic requirements fulfilled. For Americans, it relates more to psychology and non-abberant personal attitudes and behaviors, and in recent times is generally under question, as in “what is a normal, any more?” For Dr. Ida P. Rolf, the word, as it relates to human structure and function, took on a different sense, more related to the sense of the normative and optimal.  So, reading the paragraph above, where many of us might lean towards “average”, “so, so”, “boring”, “bland,” “blunted sensation,” (and perhaps even angry, sad or weak), she taught a whole new vision of normal that could include optimal, and perhaps even fantastic, strong, spacious and open. And why not also “finely tuned awareness?” That is part of our given equipment. An animal in nature has definitely trained its senses and responses through use, not just instinct alone (hence “finely tuned”).


So, in this sense, most of us rarely meet the criteria of “normal” as envisioned by Dr. Rolf, rather staying stuck in an ‘average’ state of mild to moderate dysfunction (and much worse than that and we’re a basket case). But when we work together, client and practitioner can sense the increase in the natural grace, ease and support that is our birthright as human beings.