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This was the headline for a recent LA Times  article. It shows how we make choices in our lives based on the “end of history illusion” that makes us sure that the Megadeath tattoo we got when we were a teen would still make us happy ten or fifteen years later. One of the hardest things in life to embrace is the notion of change, such as changing tastes or values, but also related to aging, and the cumulative effects of life on our system. Why not invest in a positive change, for yourself? One that actually helps you be more resilient in response to injury and the stiffening, slowing and compound effects of stress in body/mind? Rolfing® Structural Integration is a structured process for positive, transformational change. Embrace life! Adapt! Be more fluid, graceful and present, even as you stand your ground! Food for thought folks…

Bad example, re Miles Davis, though ;~>