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Working with a client recovering from a car accident this morning. In addition to:
1. easing spasming muscles, her painful nerves hyper-sensitive from tethered fascias and inflammation in her neck, and holding on for dear life around her liver and psoas;
2. adjusting joints, especially ribs, clavicle and sternum area, jammed by the impact from the other car, coming from her right, and the seatbelt, ( which did a lot to ease the nerve pain in the area),
3. easing holding in the nerves and fascia long the IT bands,
we had to look at awareness enhancing movements that could give her back a sense of wholeness and connectedness throughout her body. It had felt like ” hips and shoulders were cut off from each other,” she said. Her gentle rocking of her hips forward and back, more and more subtly, while I contacted fascias at the front of the transverse process of her neck, she reported a sense of “ebb and flow” though her whole body (and I helped by easing phrenic and vagus nerves and probably more that I didn’t know). This allowed her to functionally uncouple gripping of the hips in relation to her shoulders and neck, and helped her re-establish her ‘full-body sense.”
After we got this connection, deep work on the fascia of her ribs was “soothing” all the way into her neck and throat area, where a lot of irritation and pain has been showing up during her daily activities.
Lots goes on in this Rolfing® Structural Integration, Rolf Movement® stuff!