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So I was running down the mountain ( Mt. Sanitas trail-very steep!) in Boulder and my foot got wedged between two rocks. There was a resounding pop (!), but without the massive burning pain of ligaments being torn ( fortunately) that I know well from several bad dance-related sprains. So I limped down the hill, got my foot into cool mountain-fed stream and then did a little soft-tissue training on the muscles, tendons, ligaments on my left foot and ankle. Today-two days hence-is the first day of real swelling, but I have been resting it, icing it, and it is well taped. My point is, even after this relatively bad sprain, I am still walking better than I did before I got the foot surgery to alleviate a bad case of hallux rigidus ( a large,  vertically-oriented bone spur on the big toe to metatarsal joint). To me, this points out not just the value of the surgery ( called a cheilectomy, as it removes a lip of bone ( cheil is the greek root for lip, I am told). It points to the value of subtle Rolf Movement® re-education of gait-that senses contact through the “eye of the foot”, nestles the ground, articulates naturally through the foot in a spiralling motion, then culminates in a full toe-off through the big toe. I am confidant that the work to gently re-align the tissues will help shorten the healing time, too.