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A client who’d had multiple injuries related to a horrendous motorcycle accident a few years ago was told that she had two options: surgery with a 33% of feeling better ( and 66% chance of feeling worse after) or being on pain medication for life. She cried a long time after getting that news. Fortunately for her she had a general practitioner MD who knew better. ‘You have more options’ he said, researched Rolfing near Oklahoma City and found me. Something about my YouTube videos, he told her, led him to believe that I might be the right fit. It had been a long road for her leading up to working with me, but after our first session together she started doing a lot better. I mean a whole lot better. Now, after four sessions ( strung out over four months), special exercises that I give and in combination with working with a local chiropractor whom I respect very much, she can report: ‘I feel my whole body, not just parts.’ She is smiling and happy now, pain-medication free and mentions that a lot of her benefit has been emotional as much as physical. That is probably a key part of Rolfing® Structural Integration/Rolf Movement® work. We don’t just focus on the problem areas. We work to link together differentiated ( i.e. non-stuck together) parts – a dictionary definition of the word integration.