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The purpose of my work with clients is improved function. I do not seek to release every knot, or soften every tight spot. That approach leaves people just feeling like a mush pile – not “mobilized” or more responsive. As a client, you want to feel empowered and more available to life and movement by treatments. Sometimes that can only be achieved with the practitioner using a lot of force to mobilize a really stuck area. I’m thinking of patellar ligaments, vastus intermedius muscles ( deep quads), even the sacroiliac joint. Sometimes a really light touch will be required, along with work to activate and re-coordinate a joint, limb or even a type of movement like sitting or standing, or even breathing. This will especially be the type of contact I will use where there is pain, because so often the painful are has already been overstretched by nearby, or even by distant muscle, fascia, and joint pulls through the body.A painful area will most often lead to work on impinged and inflamed nerves in the are of pain, and to work to re-awaken awareness and coordination through very simple exploratory movement ideas that I offer to clients.

An interesting example: treating flat feet. Proper mobilization of the bones of the ankle and foot can literally allow a dropped arch to lift and do its job! No amount of just rubbing on that arch, because it is “the problem” would have helped it do that, though. My practitioner’s eye and sensitivity have to be on function – keeping the mind on the purpose of the work – more than on “the problem”.