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If I sit meditation on a very low wood platform ( maybe 4 inches off ground) with palms up on my thighs, I can enjoy breathing through the back of my armpits and sides of my ribs. Palms are up up to avoid the reflexive down-pushing that results when the palms are down. This is calming and very supportive to release, for me. As I inhale, I allow extension up through my spine, even as the organs in my abdomen get massaged by the upside-down plunger pressure of my diaphragm. As I exhale, I enjoy the sense of stability and grounding feeling from the base of my pelvis. I enjoy the feeling and shape of my Ischial tuberosities and perceive the shape of my Illia and Pubic bones as they give me containment and strength, passing effortless support up through sacrum to the spine, torso and effortlessly supporting my head. Often I need to recover this sense, and I enjoy doing so each time. It’s part of my meditation, the weight rocking subtly forward and back, and happier when the shift is smaller around an easy center line.